Monday, September 5, 2011

Career Tips: What is a Cover Letter Get Free Sample Cover Letters

One of the most important career tips that I give to the career oriented youth is that they should prepare an impressive resume and spend some time on writing an appealing cover letter. Resume always works as a stepping stone for any candidate to secure a handsome job position. It is through the resume that the candidate gets introduced to the potential employer even before any personal interview and it is the cover letter that ushers the potential employer to the resume of the candidate.

Cover letter is a short document along with which the candidate sends his resume to the prospective employer. If the cover letter is impressive, then the reader will take interest in reading the resume attached therewith. Recruiters have thousands of resumes piled up ahead and have to short-list very few promising candidates. They don’t have much time to spend on each resume. It is therefore necessary to learn the technique of writing appealing cover letters. You need to read quite a few sample cover letters and then finalize your own draft. It  has always been providing you with the best cover letter samples along with successful cover letter tips. We have always followed the current standard format used in cover letter writing these days. Just a few clicks away are thousands of cover letter examples and important articles on cover letter writing.

Here follows a sample resume cover letter for the post of a receptionist. See the format used in it, the content, selection of words, use of formal language and the norms of formal letter writing that have been followed.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Precautions to Take While Writing A Designer Resume

A designer is equipped with different technical skills. It must reflect your creative potential. Resume samples will help you in designing resumes however you should individualize your resume and make it a perfect and design specific document to get selected for an interview. You need to follow a particular format while writing a designer resume. Here we have given which precautions to take and tips to write a well structured designer resume.
  • Designer cover letter has great importance while forming your designer resume. This cover letter does several things. You must be very frank about your educational qualifications. Mostly designer cover letter is made to mention your skills and abilities.
  • Finish writing your designer cover letter just by listing down what you are able to do. You need to finish it by including your contact details and personal email address.
  • Your resume should be impressive and noticeable. Mention all your design abilities in your designer resume. It should not exceed two pages. You need to mention your name, contact address and contact number and personal email ID. Your objective must be relevant to the position that you are applying for and reflect your career aims.
  • Make sure you include all your educational details in your resume. Mention your design education. There are a few employers who are interested to know your overall education background.
  • Include your experience details in your designer resume, which have great importance. This category of designer resume should highlight your relevant experience details. Giving your experience details in chronological order is the best format like start your most recent employment. Mention your position and work responsibilities that you took in previous companies.
  • List down all the awards that you attained in your previous companies in awards and recognitions section
  • Key skills and technical skills have a great significance in any designer resume. Therefore, you need to give your key skills and all the technical skills in your designer resume. You can mention here that you know different software, programs, coding and operating systems.
  • Try to give minimum two references in your resume. There are a few employers who demand for references.
  • Give additional information in the last category, which you consider is important and has not fit best in any other category. It may be your hobbies also. Always try to finish your resume with positive things.
Above, we have mentioned some crucial factors, which should be highlighted in your designer resume. Every designer resume has the similar structure. Only, you have to take a few factors into consideration while writing an effective designer resume. Sample designer resumes along with some resume tips are also available online to help you in forming an impressive designer resume.

Monday, June 6, 2011

Important Factors of Designer Resume

If you are a fresher and passed out of designing school then you maybe need little knowledge about how to form a designer resume. Having the right knowledge about how to form a designer resume will help you in getting your dream job in the designing field. It is very easy for designers to get carried away with the creative side of a resume. It is very crucial to include all the facts essential for a designer resume. Many designer resume samples available online (check here) to help you in forming a good designer resume. Now let us have a look at the important factors which have great importance in a designer resume.
  • Designer cover letter is an important factor of designer resume. Your cover letter must do many things. You should be upfront about your qualifications. You must make use of designer cover letter to list down your skills and abilities.
  • Finish writing designer cover letter by mentioning what you can do. You must leave them with something inspiriting for making them remember you. You must finish your cover letter including your contact information and a current email address.
  • Your designer resume must be noticeable and outstanding. Only through your designer resume, you can show your design abilities. Your designer resume must not go beyond two pages. Other important things that you need to include in your designer resume are name, contact details, email address and phone number. An objective statement should be relevant to the job post you are applying for and your general career goals.
  • Ensure to cover all your educational details. Do not mention only your design education. There are several employers who want to know your overall education background and not just your design knowledge.
  • Experience details play an importance role in designing resume. This section of your resume must focus on your relevant experience. You must give your experience details in chronological order means from your most recent employment.
  • In awards and recognitions category, you can list down significant awards that you got in the previous company
  • Sometimes, employers demand for references. You should give at least two references in your resume.
  • In the last section of your resume, you can add additional information that you think is crucial however has not fit well into any other section. It can be outside hobbies that tie in with design in some way. You must try to finish your resume with something positive.
Above, we have listed a few important factors that must be included in any designer resume. The structure of every designer resume is same. Only, you need to take into consideration while writing designer resumes. Resume sample is available online for every resume therefore you do not need to worry about how to write a resume.

Monday, May 23, 2011

Fast Food Cashier Resume

The job of a fast food cashier is handling financial transactions. His role has a great importance for a fast-food restaurant as he handles finance, which helps the fast-food restaurants to manage the money they get. Fast-food cashier also ensures that monetary exchanges run easily within a fast-food restaurant. Cashiers are in charge of processing consumer bills through credit and cash transactions. Different fast food restaurants hire fast food cashiers throughout the country. The well-known restaurants of this kind specialize in fried fish, fried chicken, hamburgers, roast beef sandwiches and other easy to prepare food items. Here, we have given you a sample fast food cashier resume to get the clear idea on what are the skills and education needed to apply for this post.

Sample Fast Food Cashier Resume

Jeremy Stinson
Address: 21, Riverdale Street, Cincinnati, OH 45512
Telephone Number: 566 - 070 – xxxx
Email Id:

Objective: To work as a fast food cashier in a well-known and highly reputed fast food restaurant and offer my excellent services to make an outstanding career in this field

•    Familiar with the word that a fast food cashiers has to perform
•    Ability to recognize fake currency and other fake transaction greatly
•    Have the basic knowledge of computers
•    Excellent work experience as a cashier of famous fast food restaurants
•    Sufficient experience of a few general issues at cash counters and a big sense of endurance for dealing with any situation rightly
•    Must have the ability of dealing with all kinds of customers

•    Master in Business Management from Ohio University – 2003-2004
•    Bachelor in Business Management from Ohio University – 1998-2002

Professional Work Experience:
Grayson’s restaurant, Cincinnati
Worked as a fast food cashier

•    Communicated positively with the management and coworkers
•    Handled credit transactions  rightly and quickly

Mile’s Restaurant, Ohio
Worked as an assistant cashier

•    Resolved complaints of the customers professionally and punctually
•    Cross-trained team members to make sure faultless service is offered to the customers
•    Took initiative to find out extra tasks if fixed duties were completed

•    Got the award for bringing new ideas
•    Rewarded for the excellent performance during diploma

This sample fast food cashier resume will surely help you to form a well organized and effective fast food cashier resume, also you can check out some more samples of fast food cashier resume and designer resumes designer resumes.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Writing Tips - How to Format a Designer Resume

A designer is a creative person equipped with technological skills and experience. Graphic designer resume, web designer resume or designer resumes in general should reflect the creative potential of the individual. Resume samples do help you to design resumes but you need to individualize the resume and fit the content and design specific to your style and experience. A senior interior designer resume will look different from an interior designer who is just setting up his career in the field.

A graphic designer needs to format his resume so that his graphic designing skills and talent get reflected on the first page itself. The employer must quickly come to the conclusion about the potential of the candidate.

Some tips on how to format a designer resume:

 Match the expectations:

Career objective is an important section and should have your career goals. It should match the expectations of the prospective employer; if your objective is way beyond the requirements it shows that you are not a proper candidate for the job. There are some requirements mentioned by the employer, ensure that your objective focuses on these requirements. If the employer is expecting you to be innovative then your objective should mention that you aspire to contribute to the organization you associate with in an innovative and creative manner.


The summary of your qualifications should justify why you are qualified for that particular job. The list should be in point format and should match the career objectives. The qualifications summary should include your credentials, software knowledge, achievements, awards, and any other relevant information about your knowledge and qualification. Keep the list short to 10 points. A long format tends the reader to lose interest in your resume. Just in case it is too long, include it in two columns.


The next section mentions the skills and abilities in the field of computers and graphic designing. Mention the different software, operating systems, programs, coding and programming languages, HTML, CS, Adobe Photoshop or CorelDraw. Do not include irrelevant information that employer has not mentioned in the job requirements. Use specific key words that will catch the attention of the reader.


List your prior job experience, the prior employers so that the employer gets a clear information about the previous employers. Let the employer be clear if you were a graphic intern, a graphic consultant or a graphic designer. The job profile of each of these is different so you need to be specific. You have to mention your responsibilities, the work you have handled, the projects. The employer wants to know if you have been in the idea phase while you were an intern, or you actually completed designing work or you managed a department.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Teacher Resume Writing Tips

Resume is a written statement of applicant to join a job in a reputed company through his or her educational background.
Resume are different types like Analog Designer Resume, English Teacher Resume, History Teacher Resume and so on.

A teacher resume should be a written document, which provides proof that the candidate is a good teacher. Resume shows the applicant’s skills, education, experience related his or her profession. Resume declare career information and history about applicant. When you write resume or present to the administrator make sure take precautions related resume writing.

Ensure your resume is neat and organized. It should contain no grammatical and spelling mistakes. In resume employ bullets to explain your duties and responsibilities when essential.

Do not consist of any kind of references on your resume. Your resume should seem professional. In resume always utilize a word processing document to make and update your resume. Use minimum 10 and maximum 12 Font size. Make sure headings might be larger. Use minimum ½ inch and maximum1 inch margins.

Sample teacher resume provide various samples to the applicant to write appropriate resume for interview. These resume provide accurate format of resume writing.

Teacher resume, English Teacher Resume consist of following points:
Description: Description includes information of related field and duties.
Objective: Objective state the applicant’s goal related to his or her profession.
Skill: Skills state the qualification of the applicant.
Experience: In experience applicant states all history of work experience.
Education: Education state applicants’ degrees and educational background.

You can get the guideline and tips about teacher resume here.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Key for a Successful Resume

The employment market is crowded with more job seekers as compared to the number of jobs available. To prevent your resume from ending up in  the dustbin, it needs to catch the attention of the hiring managers. To stand out from the rest, executive resumes should highlight accomplishments. May it be a designer resume, graphic resume, 3D designer resume, web designer resume, teacher resume, management resume, marketing resume all of them need to highlight accomplishments. You can go through sample resumes to get a clear picture of how accomplishments are mentioned in resumes.

Accomplish the task:

To accomplish the task of writing a successful resume you need to know how to frame and highlight your accomplishments. Accomplishment means the activities that you have been involved in throughout your careers, that have created a positive impact on the employers’ bottom line, cost saving, revenue, productivity, customer service improvement, and profits of course. Hiring managers are sensitive towards the candidates who contribute quickly to the business growth of the company and deliver ROI return on investment for the salary and benefits the employee is paid.

Key accomplishments are specific to industries. It will depend on your profession and industry. Let us look at some examples that explain how you can mention your accomplishment in tangible terms.

A regional manager talks about his accomplishment in the following manner:

Through constant team efforts raised $ 2 million territory by about 25 % that is $ 500,000 in 12 months. This was achieved by reactivating 50 dormant accounts.

Management executive will mention his accomplishments in the following manner:
Successfully managed the workflow during the $100 million expansion project without adding staff.

Apply the “Challenge-Action-Results or C-A-R Model when you design your resume.
You surely might get stumped about how to enumerate your key accomplishments, so you could try this exercise.

First 5 points about your greatest career accomplishments then choose one point at at a time and break it into the C-A-R model.

To give just one example of this with reference to the above example is as follows:
Challenge: A sales person is expected to increase sales in his region as sales are stagnant for 3 years.

Action: He has got in touch with all accounts in the region and learned that many have not ordered the product because they found a competitor, who is offering a cheaper product. However they were not happy with the service. He suggested a 3 year service agreement for all new accounts. Many accounts expressed that they would definitely consider reordering from the company.
Result: After the team’s sales figures were reviewed over 12 months his efforts had netted a $ 500,000 increase. This got reflected in the new sales in 50 key accounts contacted by the sales force.

Accomplishment centric resumes thus, receive more interview calls.